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Food Photography

Photo of strawberry ice cream with strawberries and chocolate sticks against a pink background
A bright red, ice cold Caesar Cocktail served with Italian spicy giardiniera
Photo of ice cream caramel and caramel coated popcorn against a grey background
Colour photo of a stack of packages being covered by maple syrup and garnished with berries and mint
Italian Giardiniera served in a light plate with bread, olive oil and red wine vinegar behind it
Photo of strawberry ice cream with chunks of strawberries against a grey background
Three crackers topped with cream cheese, dill pickle and peppadew against a grey background
Photo of salsa and nachos set against a dark grey background
A vanilla cupcake topped with white frosting and colourful sprinkles, taken in a party setting
A photo of a hamburger with two, thick handmade burger patties, cheese, tomato relish and dressings.
Photo of buns made of olives covered in olive oil and dished up with green olives in a kithcen setup
Photo of a stack of waffles and ice cream, covered with black berries, against a dark background
A colourful photo of salsa surrounded by nachos, cheese, guacamole and jalapeño slices
A bite-sized blueberry cheesecake set against a black background, with the treat reflected in front
Chocolate Cupcake
Dill pickles in a light coloured bowl with a fork above holding another pickle set against grey
Blackberry jam in a crystal bowl on a gray background with golden accents and muffins
Photo of a cracker topped with cream cheese and dill pickle placed between other crackers
Vibrant photo of a stack of pancakes with layers of whipped cream and dressed in syrup and berries
Photo of bread buns made with olive oil, taken in a kitchen like with green, cream and brown tones
Photo of berry muffins plated in square plates surrounded by blue and grey tones
Bread and Butter pickles on a roast beef sandwich with beer, peppadew and items in the background
Three mini cheesecake bites topped with raspberries and blueberries, on top of black acrylic
Pickled cucumbers with dill and garlic served on a plate with a rose gold fork

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